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"Tracy's professionalism and product knowledge are without question "the best".  Not only did she help make my house beautiful, she has become a good friend." - Resident - Woodburn Rd.

"We wanted an updated look in keeping with the traditional character of our Converse Heights home. Tracy and April customized the tile pattern on the floor from black dots to mocha and designed the shower tile patterns to match. The result is classic yet new." - Margaret

“We found More Than Tile to be extremely professional in helping us to complete our recent kitchen remodel. By spending the time to talk with us on several occasions to determine the style we wanted, they proved how very customer oriented they are. The product samples for tile flooring, countertop, and backsplash are all of high quality, and we are 100% satisfied with our new kitchen thanks to the advice, service, and workmanship of the staff. We enthusiastically recommend More Than Tile for any project to beautify and enhance the functionality of your home. We will certainly count on the friendly staff to help us with future projects.”

"Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.  I almost cried like a little girl when I saw what great work your colleague has done so far. Please come by our new place at your leisure, I loathe it's kitchen.  Maybe you can breathe some life into it."

"Like any contractor, Tracy subbed out the tile work, cabinet making, painting and dry wall work and everyone did a superb job. Her number is : 864-384-2928. She is She also offers design services as well.


She was recommended to me by Palmetto Carpet Cleaning (who also did an excellent job) then I found More Than Tile on the internet to learn more about the company.


If your friend contacts her, please have her mention my name. I told Tracy I would definitely recommend her company." - Judy

"More Than Tile renovated a bathroom and our kitchen. We live on Rutledge Street in Converse Heights in a 1907 cottage. The bathroom had a claw foot tub and 1950’s sink, cabinets, and toilet. A previous bid to upgrade was almost $20,000. After having Tracy in to look at our situation we received a much lower bid which included many of her suggestions. We were very happy with the result. So happy we ask her to take a look at our kitchen that had not been touched since the early 50’s. The area was cramped and dark. With Tracy’s assistance we designed a completely new kitchen with new appliances, floor and cabinets. The work was done in a timely manner and at a price that we found reasonable. We would absolutely recommend this Company for any renovation work you need."

"Traci, thank you so much for all your help and hard work in restoring the bathroom at Quail Creek Road. It looks great. You are so appreciated. "

“Tracy, I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our floors. We get many compliments on them. The kids love them and they are so easy to maintain. Also, Tony may not remember , but when he did our work in May of 2010, he put a cut off valve behind the fridge for our ice maker. Previously, it had been in the crawl space under the house. Boy, did it ever come in handy when I had to have a new fridge installed last week. So , tell Tony we say thank you very much!"

"Thank you Tracy and your wonderful husband. Looks great. We are so very pleased Tracy. I hope that our paths cross again. Have a great week.”

“I have had many business transactions and service from More Than Tile, and find them friendly, competent, and professional. They will save you money, besides satisfying your building needs. I have always felt that they were a business that was customer oriented, willing to go more than the extra mile in helping you, as well as performing far above the expected standard on both their offered products as well as their timely service.”

"Tony Regan is the contractor we have been using and so far, we've had nothing but glowing results of the work he does." - Angie Buckner

"More Than Tile is the only company I would choose to breathe new life into my historic home."  - Cindy Barrett

"You are a tile goddess" - Mac and David Sereque