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About Us

After leaving Pennsylvania in 1993 and moving south, I searched for a career change. Color Tile on Pine Street was hiring and there began my career in flooring.

5 years was spent between Color Tile and a competitor where I sharpened my flooring and tile skills. In the meantime, Color Tile went out of business and I began to think that someone should move into that building and start their own flooring business.

The someone became me and although the actual building was no longer available, the building 2 doors down was and for 7 years people came in and inevitably started out saying “I bought from you when you were the Color Tile.

The name “More Than Tile” came because it is a fabulous representation of what we sell. The “more” in MTT stands for carpet, vinyl, wood, laminate, cork, bamboo, stone, kitchen cabinetry, bath vanities, hardware, laminate countertops, solid surface countertops, quartz and granite countertops, cleaning products and specialty chemicals as well as all the adhesives. There is carpet pad and specialty pads such as those that help prevent staining in the carpet and prevent dust mites and allergens from taking up residence with you. And we have sub floor material that is necessary for any installation. And oh yea - tile!

Everything that we sell, we will work with your installation company or a DIY. We continue training from our vendors and on-line webinars to stay on top of new products and better installation techniques. We have an experienced group of installers that we have used for many years and we can help set you up with any of them including a licensed general contractor.  

The type of clients we service are homeowners and the homes they own range from singlewides to mansions. On our commercial side, our best client is a 10,000 sf or smaller business in any industry, but we seem to have found our niche in retail, office and restaurants. 

In my field, the products I sell are roughly the same that you’ll find elsewhere at about the same pricing - so what makes us different - why will you buy from me? Sometimes people are motivated to buy locally, but more importantly, it becomes obvious that I and my staff know what we are doing and how to help you with just about any project. And we truly care. We treat you with respect and as though what you are telling us is very important, because it is! If they have been quoted by a competitor, especially a box store, then we likely will at least meet the price, and most of the time we can beat the price. Our selection is huge, but we can narrow it down for the customer by asking questions and listening to the answers. We can put together a product or package that suits your needs and budget. Our customers come back to us for project after project because they trust us for a proper installation and before that even happens, they know we will get them into the right product with the right look at the right price.

Finally, our Motto is “Its Your Home”. It is supposed to say to you, our customer, that we know you value your home and that you want those values to be reflected in your choices and the quality of the work. This is important to you and it is important to not only me, but my staff and sub-contractors. I need you to be proud of the changes you made because it is your home - the place that is your life. It is a privilege to be invited in there and we treat that privilege with the respect it deserves.